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Judith and Idan Papier:
Almog Cohen Office, you are the champions…
We had a villa which didn't feel like one. You opened the spaces and created a pleasant, warm and young atmosphere. We didn't believe that our house would drastically change its appearance in such an impressive way.
Our lives changed quickly, all thanks to you. You not only combined your designs according to our demands but also made improvements.
Thank you for all your patience, support, personal escort all through the renovation process, and of course for the new and well-designed house
Izhar and Sari Cohen:
Almog Cohen Office,
We started building a villa in Ra'anana and we desperately needed interior decorating. In our very first meeting you read our nature and the style we most connect to.
The house came out exactly the way we wanted, we received excellent service, all our questions were answered, and all problems were solved – especially our bedroom.
Thanks to you we don't even need to go out on vacations because we live in one. You created for us a house of our dreams.
Thanks for hearing us out, and for bringing creative solutions to all problems, and for the clean and luxurious designing.
Almog Cohen Office,
I purchased an apartment for investment purpose and didn't expect the eventual result.
You turned a crumbling two room apartment into a spacious three room apartment designed in a youthful and impressive manner.
I have no words to express my appreciation of your multiple efforts put in to satisfy our needs, even when it was after your normal work times…
Thanks for your patience, support, company, and renovation of my apartment
Rotem Flower Decoration and Events:
Almog Cohen Office,
We united two businesses into a single one and we needed a plan for interior decorating for something new that represents unison. You with your overwhelming patience investigated the nature of the work, heard out our needs, noticed how each business functions individually and designed for us a complete single business.
Without showing signs of despair and coming up with exceptional ideas, surprising imagination, prowess, and thoughtfulness you created a very creative design, attractive to the eye, and different from other businesses – Uniqueness.
Thank you for your support, company, and for creating a new and prosperous business.
Lior Pakman:
Almog Cohen Office,
I purchased a residential apartment in Tel Aviv. It was a closed and boring apartment.
Thanks to you now I have a cool apartment, decorated carefully, naturally lit and spacious. You heard out my needs and created a design line that represents me.
Thank you for your company in all the smallest of details, for the preparations, for hearing me out, and for the high quality design.
Irit Goldman:
Almog Cohen Office,
I rented my apartment in Shoham for a long period. When I decided to live in the apartment by myself and my three kids I knew that the apartment needed a complete renovation.
A simple duplex apartment was turned into a luxurious duplex of high quality. You took into consideration the style that I wanted, and that’s exactly what you did. You created a luxurious and very impressive design.
Thanks for everything