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The national planning program 38- a national planning program that its major part is the strengthening of buildings against earthquakes.
A governmental program which was meant to offer incentives for Encouraging and strengthening old buildings which were built before 1980 because the severe building standard 413 became valid only in 1975.

The national planning program is characterized in a procedure which provides construction rights. the possibility to sell construction rights and enhancement of the asset, exemptions are given to tenants from enhancement levy, capital gains tax on real estate, sells tax and construction bonds.

The construction rights comes to fruitation by permitting extension of apartments up to 25 meters, a new construction on the roof of the building, a closure of an opened poles floor on its two sides, building an entrance lobby, an addition of two balconies, addition of a security room, a lift and improvement of the external sight of building.

A construction company or an initiator, will be responsible on the whole managerial procedure which is attached with execution of the national planning program 38, including the consent of the tenants, preparing a request for a construction permit, receiving a construction permit from the local committee, architectural programs and supervision on the work. Whereas an architectural agency beyond what a contractor’s company or an initiator grant, makes offers in an architectural planning under the national planning program 38 and to the council’s orders, and the possibility to get an interior design to each tenant which improves the apartment in a way that completes the whole process of the national planning program.

A participation in the traditional planning program is with no payment for the tenants. The contractor or the initiator who conduct the project finances the project in exchange of the right of additional construction.
The project may take 10 months from filing for requests until the committee’s authorizes and the average refurbishment’s period is about 12 months.