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There many styles in the field of interior design: urban design, romantic design, country style design, pop art design, art novo design, rococo design, air deco design, Mediterranean design, French design and so on. Behind every style of design there is a whole philosophy which defines the world of colors, furniture style, the style of textures, the lighting and the suitable textile to the concept of a certain style.


This style is characterized in open and spacious with a lot of windows. Sometimes there is a use of local elements.

It is common using local materials such as Israeli stone (Hebron stone), iron and natural wood.
The colors that dominate this style are the sand and eolianite, colors that from the one hand reflect the desert and from the second hand reflect the sea and the beach. There is a use of traditional elements, such as low sitting, vases, stone bowls or clay bowls, dried fruit, textures of various types – on pillows, bed covers, and curtains and so on.


This style is characterized in open and spacious spaces, natural light and a use designed elements and materials from the industrial world. Likewise, there is a lot of reference to constructive elements such as rafters and poles.

As for the use of materials, and furniture items, there is a use of stainless still, nickel, metallic colors, glass, and exposed concrete.


This style is bases is self by the expression “less is more” and believes in a clean design, and in organizing the spaces by a certain function and a use of the necessary items for managing a life style.

In this life style is customary to use materials such as metals, concrete, glasses, plastic in delicate colors such as white and gray. This style is suitable for neat people who do not tend to
collect things that disturb the environment.


This style is opposite the minimalistic style is full of decorations.

As for the use of materials, this style is characterized in the use of wood for furniture as well as for parquet floor, velvet, candles, flowers in lively colors like red, orange and brown.


This style is inspired by motives from the ancient world and different cultures such as south America, Africa, and India.

As for the use of materials the style is characterized in the use of natural and rough wood, fabrics, stone, the use of accessories of furniture in the style of the foreign community and in hues and colors of land such as red, orange and brown.