About – The Process

The work process in our office is organized, well-built, systematic and clear. Firstly we familiarize ourselves to you and come to know you (mostly characteristics of your needs, desires, expectations, etc.) We learn about the environment in which your house will be built, we learn with care and diligence, all that is written in the planner’s factsheet and get down to the essence and depth of all details in all aspects concerning the project, including the customer’s budget, limitations and constraints as well as preferences and demands.

Along with you we feature our planning and designing program, beginning with each clause appearing in the technical-practical list forming a designing line for everything familiar with the prophecy of the house, in its inspiration and soul.

The procedure starts with a series of sketches: plans and ideas in which we will present you with different ideas and alternatives. In this process we make assumptions and consolidation of the base for the next phases along with you. This process lasts a few weeks and depends on several variables – naturally or expectedly, differ from one customer to another.

After consolidating the project we come to the phase of imaging which ends the sketching phase. From here depending on the type of project and its characteristics we continue to the six following stages –
Local Committee/Licensing (for those projects required).

  • Escorting in choose the required purchases for the project.
  • Coordination of planning with consultants and systems.
  • Plans for the Contractors Center.
  • Work Plans
  • Escorting phase, meetings and inspections on the construction site and with all suppliers.

It is important to note and emphasize that the success of any project is measured by the partnership and belief that we create with the customer in the first stage of formation of the project.

In every project, small or big, long hours of thought and planning are invested in order to enable you to reap the benefits of our good and professional work, to which we are committed and know to do our best for our customers who chose us to be involved and be active partners in one of their most important and central projects of their lives.