About – The Office

Almog | Cohen Office of Architecture and Interior designing managed by Eran Almog, and Reut Cohen

During the course of gaining experience and knowledge in various architecture offices we met each other in one such office which specialized in planning and designing libraries, which includes, among the rest, the National Library in Jerusalem.

After each of us gained our experience in different fields, we decided that it was time to go out on our independent combined way and open an Architecture and Interior Designing office.

With our rich past experience, both theoretical and practical, we established our office which specializes in planning and designing of trading and private settings.

We offer architecture for villas, private houses, luxurious apartments, contractual apartments, houses in renovation, planning and designing offices, designing shops, designing clubs and many other fields.

We would be happy to offer our optimal professional services in planning according to the needs and desires of our customers and promise complete satisfaction of our customers. Our services include planning, escorting, and architectural consultation.

We believe that with creativity, proper and efficient planning, inspiration, imagination, and prowess, we can realize our unknown, hidden potential in every idea and execute it and put it to correct use – for the creation of a house whereas proper care is taken to create a harmony between the interiors of the house and the environment on the outside.

We don’t only promise, we keep our promises (you are welcome to ask our customers – our satisfied customers are our best proof). We maintain a designing line, in perfect accordance with our customers, designing existing apartments, and basic architectural planning, and use of modern software tools, by use of which we make three-dimensional models and computerized images, enabling the customers to see the house on the computer screen just as he would see it in reality on completion of the construction.