Interior Design

In interior decorating we strive for a fine superior domain, aesthetic, and suit it to its destiny. Interior designing of a house, office, shop or any other place is done in total coordination with the customer and his demands and preferences.

In interior designing we are required to – with an open mind, creativity and originality – have all the elements that constitute the base for designing and choose carefully high quality materials by use of which we create the unique nature and look to the designed construction.

As professionals in the designing field we enrich you with various ideas and accomplish them, by way of complete control by all means of representation of the building planning and it’s designing in front of the contractor. This is done with the help of sketches, plans, content delivery of spaces and facades editing models and three-dimensional imaging on computer, preparation of subordinated amounts, etc.

Our customers receive our professional services in designing constructions also because of our deep and thorough understanding of the technical systems’ ingredients which are built in the construction and meant for their designing: plumbing, air conditioning, different building materials, lighting, etc.

Your word is the last word. Since we are updated about the latest news in the construction field and designing as well as the laws, regulations, quality and safety standards, we offer our professional service that will enable you to stay updated frequently in all stages of the interior decorating process, and at the same time enabling you to offer and make changes in course of the work.

Our interior decorating of a given construction is based on our knowledge and experience. With total co-operation we characterize the needs, define them and express our deep understanding, match our expectations, and build a designed model which should be clear and understandable before we start our designing work on field.

It is important to note and emphasize that correct interior decorating is not just “attiring” the construction (house, office, shop, etc.) with a beautiful garment – important and effective in itself – it is the creation of a suitable construction in an optimal way for its designation.

When we design houses we design comfort, welfare and good quality life; when we design a shop we design an attractive complex for customers and effective for shop-owners. Interior designing of each complex expresses complete understanding of how we match it to its designation.