House Design

What do we know best to do? Since three guesses won’t be enough to give the correct answer, we will save you the hard work and give up the answer: design residential apartments and luxury homes for rental as well as demo purposes.

The luxury homes that we design include: creativity, originality, modernity, imagination, prowess and inspiration.

We design apartments and luxury homes suitable to the desires, tastes and preferences of our customers. The house itself and its residential surrounding in our view constitute physical continuity that consists of a link between the house and its external surrounding. A beautiful house is one which seals its imprints of good taste and style on the surrounding. Designing an apartment with garden, penthouse, or a luxurious villa starts with the right choice of materials, suitable colors, starts by using wood combined with other materials, and with the help of these materials we create clean and rich designs with warm shades.

Designing luxury apartments and villas for renting on a periodic basis or for a single customer for a long period

In apartments meant for rental purpose – use of durable materials is made in order to relieve the apartment owner of the effort of restoring the apartments original condition even after a few years of renting the apartment, thus enabling the owner to rent the apartment to the next tenant, and the one after him as well, thus returning his investment. In case of designing luxury homes for rental purpose there is more investment in material and creative resources so as to create a luxurious villa which stands by all severe and compulsory quality and safety standards as well as by high standard designing and aestheticism.

Designing luxury apartments for contractors for Demo

In case of designing apartments for demo purposes we put in special effort to emphasize and highlight all details and items that can be compared to an elegant and luxurious house. In our view an apartment for demo has to be the best example, as such it doesn’t simply justify the top effort put in it shows that it can be turned into the desired apartment of your dreams. However it demands such an effort.

While designing such an apartment, great care is taken in all the ingredients that turn it into a luxurious apartment: the furniture is made of high quality, hard and durable materials, various lightings, mostly submerged lightings, wall to wall carpets, soft and fine upholstery and other textile products, tiles, marbles, etc.