Need help?  You have doubts and can’t decide?  On this page we will try our best to answer all your questions relating interior decorating.


It is very important that there is a connection based on trust and reliability, that good, clear and flowing communication exists. Natural personal connection is defined as "Chemistry". Good communication is the foundation stone of a successful work with an interior decorator. Creating a common language which makes communicating easier and makes a best match between the once offering the services and the customer.

The introductory meeting is free of cost and no commitment is required. In case of decorating an existing space, the meeting takes place at the venue and measurements of the place are taken. We talk about your needs and dreams, about the magnitude of the renovation, and your budget. Schedule assessment and meeting expectations about the process of the work and general design styles is done. The introductory meeting is of vital importance because it helps to test the degree of communication and the connection between the architect and the customer.

The cost of interior decorating varies from project to project and depends on several factors. The initial fees are included in the entire payment. The base of an architect designer is preparation of sketches, work plans, choice of finish materials, sanitary tools and home styling services and recommendation of a professional with whom he will work. In case the customer is interested in preparing a Bill tender, monitoring during and after the renovation itself and fixing professionals – increase in the volume of work influences an increase of the fees respectively.

The duty of an architect is to convert dreams into reality, to create a well-designed style doing his best and maximum to meet the customer's demands, to use his thoughtfulness, farsightedness, maintain a harmony between the inside and the outside, to show creativeness, fresh thoughts, imagination, prowess, and prove his ability to solve problems.

Choice of a professional is made by the customer. An experienced architect designer gains experience during the course of his work with various professionals and hence can recommend confidently certain professionals with whom he has worked. It is quite worthwhile to be assisted by the services of professionals recommended by the architect, and that is because he can take total responsibility of their quality of finishing and professionalism.

Yes. A general designing concept enables the house furniture and equipment to perform as accessories that create a feeling of a construction where all the items in it are chosen carefully and they create a well-designed space which is uniform and harmonious.

Interior Designing enables a change in the given space, breaking of walls, additional construction and choosing complementary materials. On the other hand Home Styling relates only to accessorizing the house, coloring styles, and it doesn't include making changes in the given space or breaking of walls.

An architect interior decorator, also called as "Interior Architect" is a graduate and authorized signature. An interior decorator can also be without graduation, but with a certificate which indicates that he has completed a course in interior designing. Not all have authorized signatures.

Our knowledge, experience, sensible imagination, innovativeness, freshness and creativeness are put in so as to give you a final product which is well-finished and perfect, open thinking, intelligent planning, farsightedness, creating a designing harmony, saving time, and reducing the costs by companies we work with.

It is recommended to turn to an interior architect when you are interested in making a complete renovation that includes change in the open spaces and breaking up of walls. An interior architect will give a performance plan, not just a design for home styling. It is better to turn to an interior decorator when you look for just home-styling.

Plans for performance are detailed plans for the professionals. The plans include electricity plans, plumbing plans, building and ruins plans, ceiling plan, lighting plans, flooring plans, etc. With these plans it is possible to make a bill and send it so as to get a price lists for all the required professionals.