About – Our Vision

“Architecture is music carved in stone” – (Henry James)

Construction is a wide, deep and rich field, more – way more – than solving technical problems. Construction combines inspection of the work and its management in order to make plans and ideas work and to convert the contents of the describer to a finished structure.

Almog | Cohen office believes in concept planning which serves the needs and desires of the customer, which constitutes the basic project by combining creativity, correct and efficient planning, inspiration, and imagination.
Each of our projects – apartment designing, office designing, shops designing, restaurants designing, renovations of houses, villas or residential buildings, is unique and special in its own way. One of its own kind. In every project we see, first and foremost, the people for whom we work and put in our freshness, thought, and original creativity.
We aim to realize our hidden potential in every project and plan the most suitable environment for our customers, which will enable their welfare, comfort and good quality life.

We maintain our designing line suiting exactly the customers’ demands, their tastes and preferences, with designing concepts which see the house as an entire creation. The house is an architectural creation. The final product shows, the actual rule, the thought on the base of which it is planned.

We put in our entire cognitive and creative effort keeping in mind that our customers invest all their resources in order to realize their dream and live in the house of their dreams. We maintain the balance and harmony between the inside and the outside.

With your co-operation, dear customers, our duty is to plan, advise, and accompany you on your way to your house you dream and plan of, and present us the privilege and the opportunity to help you fulfill your dream.